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Sensitization Programme for Hotel Association

Green Public Procurement in BhutanSensitization Programme for Hotel Association

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On 29th June, 2016 GPP Bhutan presented to the members of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Bhutan (HRAB) at the 2nd Hospitality Fair held in Terma Linca, Thimphu.

Ms. Ugyen Lham, Senior Researcher for GPP from BCCI, presented on GPP, its importance and its contribution to our development policies. Mr. Netra Sharma, Senior Researcher for GPP from RIM then drew linkage between the GPP and the hospitality sector in Bhutan. He highlighted on socio-economic benefits of GPP and some possible sustainability practices in hotels such as use of non-toxic cleaning agents, energy-efficient systems, waste management, etc.

It was encouraging to note that many hotels in Bhutan are implementing sustainable practices to the best of their abilities. However, there participants pointed out that the hotel star-rating system practiced by the Tourism Council of Bhutan does not really recognise sustainable practices and suggested that a green-rating or labeling would be helpful and encouraging for hotels to go green.

“Tourists coming to Bhutan are not interested in latest technology but looking for unique and local products and services […] As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Heaven Resort supports alcohol and drug dependent youths.” – Ms. Nong, Representative of Heaven Resort, Paro.

“Some of the green practices at our resort are: rain water harvesting, use of LED bulbs to save energy, preparing compost from their kitchen waste, maintaining backyard kitchen garden where they grow variety of herbs for use in hotel’s culinary, buying local agricultural products and segregating waste. We also have plans to produce biogas from the human waste in future.” – Mr. Karma Phuntsho, RKPO Green Resort, Lobesa, Punakha.

“I am trying to establish an agro-based resort in Punakha. All the buildings are constructed from rammed mud which is available locally.” – Mrs. Rinzin

We serve locally available fruits and vegetable and locally available unpackaged butter. There is system of regular monitoring of rooms and toilets to ensure no leakage of water. Waste generated from the hotel is also managed properly.” – Representative from Hotel Sernya

“Heating and ventilation system produces hot water in the hotel and so we don’t use geysers and boilers, which saves significant amount of energy. We have  automated regulation the lighting and pumping systems. Waste is properly managed and plastics, cans and PET bottles are sold to Greener Way for recycling.” – Mrs. Yeshey Tshohyel, representative of Hotel Le Meridien, Thimphu

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