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Tailor Made Training Program

Apart from the 13 weeks Program on GPP, the RIM would also offer Tailor made training program for the government, corporate and private sector.
The program can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client organization and can be delivered as a 3 days program or 4 days program.

The Training program and content is designed in partnership with the GPP project team (CSCP, IISD, and RIM) to meet the training goals and objectives. The training program can also be delivered as part of the training package in other training program such as Finance, project management, accounting etc.

For further information about the program you can contact us at gpp@rim.edu.bt or call the under sign


What can you expect from the GPP training?

  1. Generate a common understanding of what is GPP,
  2. Assess the business case of GPP in Bhutan,
  3. Highlight the importance of life cycle thinking,
  4. Elucidate the characteristics of green goods, works and services,
  5. Identify principles, laws, regulations and policies relevant to GPP in Bhutan,
  6. Generate knowledge on how to start a GPP programme,
  7. Augment capacity on how to integrate green performance into the procurement cycle, and
  8. Identify tangible GPP examples in Bhutan

Target Group

This program is designed for the Government, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Civil Society Organizations, constitutional bodies and academia in Bhutan

– Managers involved in procurement of goods, work and services in the government sector.
– Managers from government related organizations
– Others interested in green procurement practices

The training would enable the participants in designing tenders that include GPP characteristics in technical specifications, award criteria and contract conditions. Senior to Middle managerial level professionals are encouraged to attend the program. A wide diversity of participants is anticipated to provide crucial learning experiences, during the training sessions, to incrementally green the procurement landscape in Bhutan.
Benefits of the Course

  • Able to understand the significance and relevance of undertaking Green Public Procurement
  • Develop skills in green public procurement practices
  • Learn how to apply the knowledge and skills in your organization
  • Get inspired from guest speakers (subject to availability) in green or sustainable procurement
  • Exchange views and experiences with participants on GPP implementations

Tuition fee

The tuition fee of this course will be based on the consultancy policy of the RIM. The program would be inclusive of course materials, study materials and working lunch with refreshment but does not include daily subsistence allowance. Any additional cost will have to be borne by the participant’s organization or self.

Duration and methodology

The training session will be for 3 or 4 days depending on client requirement. The training programme will include peer-to-peer learning, group exercises, sessions during which procurers can interact with suppliers, and discussions on how to solve implementation challenges related to GPP.

Extensive learning-sharing amongst participants and between participants and facilitators will provide insights into field experiences on procurement system. Site visits will augment the training through practical exposure and life demonstrations.

Representatives from GPP Project partners and RIM will facilitate the training sessions.

Focal Persons

Singhye Wangchuk
Project Manager, GPP
Royal Institute of Management
Simtokha, Thimphu: BHUTAN
Phone: +975-1761-6788