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Jan Bethge, Project Manager, CSCP

Jan Bethge joined the CSCP in 2009 and is a member of the team on sustainable products, services and infrastructures. Jan’s work focuses on supply chain collaboration and holistic sustainability strategies. He works with international companies and public sector institutions towards integrating sustainable value added in their operations and policies by identifying sustainability-related risks and opportunities and developing tailored approaches for innovative solutions. These activities encompass sustainability hot spots analyses for different industry sectors, impact assessments of products and services and the development of related improvement measures and strategies. Jan is also involved in stakeholder councils and consumer engagement activities related to sustainability.

Before joining the CSCP, Jan worked at the Wuppertal Institute in the research group on future energy and mobility structures and gained considerable experience in implementing sustainability projects in several developing countries such as Guinea, Mali and Uganda. Jan holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Political Science of the University of Cologne. Jan Bethge is a German national.