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Value Proposition

Under the broad mission statement laid by RIM “to develop socially and professionally responsible and proactive leaders and managers with holistic values and competencies”, inclusive green growth is identified vital. Thus, the GPP knowledge platform is a coherent element that contributes to the mission as it forms a continuous learning initiative for all Bhutanese leaders to achieve sustainable development goals. The platform offers materials for both trainers as well as trainees to get access to the latest and emerging information on green public procurement.

The content of the knowledge platform will cover the sustainable development initiatives taken by Bhutan and other countries that are in-line with the SDG agenda 2030. The importance of GPP within SDGs is highlighted by the focus on sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12) that includes the promotion of green products and services. Additionally, SDG 12.7 explicitly notes the importance of public procurement in that regard. The aim of GPP trainings and knowledge dissemination is to increase the demand for goods and services which qualify to achieve social, environmental and economic objectives.

The most important aspect of the GPP knowledge platform and according services is to build capacity of procurers and suppliers on green goods and services selection criteria. This includes knowledge of methods such as life cycle thinking, value for money, hot spot analysis and policy support for green economic growth. These methods will be transferred to both suppliers and procurers through the GPP knowledge platform. Thus, the platform and related trainings will promote sustainable production and consumption by increasing GPP capacities of suppliers and procurers and hence aligning supply and demand for green goods and services.