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Report: Better Business Submit from 17th- 18th May, 2018

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Report: Better Business Submit from 17th- 18th May, 2018

On 17th May 2018, the better business summit was inaugurated by Honorable Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgyel to commemorate the event bringing forth awareness, support and deliverance by the government towards good governance under the theme ‘sustainable growth’. The conference was hosted by the Royal Government and Asian Development Bank in collaboration with Royal Monetary Authority, Druk Holding and Investments, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Centre for Bhutan Studies.

The participating members for the conference were a consortium of International and local Expertise consisting of Academicians, Business leaders and Government officials with over 200 participants in the conference attending the event.

The conference was held on varying topics of diverse interest mostly focused on delivery of good governance through economic growth, environment stability and social welfare. The panelist discussions were on the following themes.

  1. GNH Certification for Business: Sustaining Growth
  2. Improving access to finance for cottage and Small Industries
  3. Public- Private Partnership
  4. Economic Diversification: Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness for Building Productive Capacity and Resilience
  5. Agri-Business: Discovering an Engine of Economic Growth
  6. Promoting Investments – Domestic and Foreign

All in all, the conference covered on the importance of economic growth facilitated by engaging human welfare in business operation, integrating financial support for Cottage and Small Industries, initiating partnership between government and Private sectors, identifying challenges and opportunities in regional and global trade, agriculture as mode of enhancing self sufficiency and export, bring in FDI and lastly, encourage business development.

The Conference dwelled in the direction adopted by the government towards sustainable growth for the present and future Generation. This in context provided an indication that sustainable development is crucial with holistic growth for the Nation guided by Gross National Happiness.