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Training on GPP to PGDs Trainees

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Training on GPP to PGDs Trainees

Date: 5th-7th June, 2017

Royal Institute of Management under the auspices of the Green Public Procurement in Bhutan (GPP Bhutan) project conducted the Training on Green Public Procurement to the pre service candidates undergoing training at the institute. The trainings were delivered from 5th-7th June, 2017 and were attended by the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management students. These students are pre selected civil servants who will be assigned in various government agencies in the capacity of management professionals.

A total of 35 participants attended the trainings. The training programme included peer-to-peer learning, group exercises sessions related to GPP.

Objectives of Training

The overall objective of the 3 days training was to sharpen the understanding on GPP and learn in an interactive way on how to integrate environmental and social criteria into the procurement cycle. The specific objectives were covered:

  1. Generate a common understanding of what is GPP,
  2. Assess the business case of GPP in Bhutan,
  3. Highlight the importance of life cycle thinking,
  4. Elucidate the characteristics of green goods, works and services,
  5. Identify principles, laws, regulations and policies relevant to GPP in Bhutan,
  6. Generate knowledge on how to start a GPP programme,
  7. Augment capacity on how to integrate green performance into the procurement cycle, and
  8. Identify tangible GPP examples in Bhutan