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Sensitising manufacturers in Gelephu about GPP

Green Public Procurement in Bhutangpp-newsSensitising manufacturers in Gelephu about GPP



Sensitising manufacturers in Gelephu about GPP

Two one-day GPP sensitization and awareness events was successfully carried out for manufacturers and executive members of Bhutan Chamber for Commerce and Industry (BCCI) in Gelephu on the 29th and 31st August 2016 to a total of 46 participants. The main objective of the program was to create awareness and sensitize suppliers on GPP concept and importance of integrating environmental, social and economic aspects in sustainable business enterprises.

The topics covered in the program were introduction to the GPPB project, GPP concept, life cycle thinking and hotspots analysis and group work on the relevant business cases or products.

The participants actively took part in the discussion and group work. They asked a wide range of questions and made several comments pertaining to the concept ‘green’, public and private partnership, growing e-waste and its policy support, lowest bid vs quality, government support on GPP project, outreach programme to schools and colleges and policy implementation at the grassroots level. Some participants said that that the products standards and certification procedures would be important for successful implementation of GPP in Bhutan and many were of the view that going green would be expensive. One participant said that the financial and non-financial incentives from the government would be critical for promotion of green businesses.

The participants said that topics covered were interesting and useful that enhanced their understanding on the importance of doing sustainable or green business through GPP concept.

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